The story of ✭

Welcome to I’m Starving, a unique and immersive on-chain experience combining storytelling, gaming, and community interaction, exclusively on Arbitrum. The whole concept is divided into 3 stages.

  1. Stage 1: The Story of ✭ – Embark on an adventure with ✭ and explore the rich narrative that unfolds through 5 Acts, with 10 Scenes in each Act. We are currently in this stage, unraveling the mysteries of the Starving Story.
  2. Stage 2: Cooking and Questing – Prepare and partake in culinary delights, embarking on quests to uncover the secrets of ✭’s world.
  3. Stage 3: PvP Ranked Card Game – Challenge others in thrilling player-vs-player card battles, ranking and strategizing your way to victory.

To immerse yourself in the world of I’m Starving, you’ll need to own at least one ✭ NFT, available for purchase on OpenSea. Seek out a “virgin” ✭ (one with clean metadata) to make it truly yours.

Once you have your virgin ✭, you can imprint a part of the Story onto your NFT. The Starving Story presents 50 distinct Scenes, each representing different FOOD or meals that influence stats such as hunger, strength, intelligence, muscle mass, and health. These constantly shifting aspects provide dynamic interaction.

The choice is yours: Will your ✭ be hungry or full? Strong or weak? Intelligent or robust? Muscular or filled with fat? Healthy or otherwise? Your decisions shape your ✭, creating a personalized adventure and a community experience unlike any other.

Check out ✭’s real-time stats

Background story

His parents had named him ✭ because he was their guiding light. No child, however, should be made to feel responsible for binding such opposing energies. Their high expectations bundled with his deeply rebellious nature only drove him down and out, instead of up.

✭ duly completed all modules of his education, he was quick witted and able to routinely turn potential failure into success with often late and little emphasis. He could take any ware and turn it into self sustaining organic functions of high metric productivity. However, it left him empty and he yearned for a task of even greater effort. He decided to brute force change by moving out of his family home. Little did he know that life on the outside would not be the same.

He hoped to draw a new line and to experience something truly extraordinary.

Trading society for nature, raw and unbridled. Time slows and he flows like water to the lowest point, following the easiest paths. Winter’s white coat lays all about the fields now, glimmering banks having swallowed the lush green.

Where does ✭ come from?

Xanca as a planet carries 240,957,888 souls who thrive, screw, spoil and do all that life tends to do. They are well advanced, but not far enough to have wiped themselves out yet. This is a consequence of having gone in a direction that has forsaken the old ways, seldom taking the time to seek enlightenment of the inner self. They seldom hold the naked soul beneath the magnifying lens of the deepest mysteries of this life. Instead, they look constantly for the fastest new tooling without care for the reason. This industry extracted their cities high into the sky, away from the soil, the very earth that gave them life, and which yearns for its reverberation.

✭’s home on Xanca was a gloomy smudge of a capital city. The higher the buildings rose, the deeper the shadows that fell across the land. A constant orange haze clung to everything like a hand across your mouth. If they weren’t physically building the maze of infrastructure ever higher, they were constructing an endless verse of the mind to further entrap the escaping souls. Minds flourished, whilst bodies wasted and an unhealthy pallor fell across the land.

Against these odds and by some surprise, ✭ could succeed in this place. But he felt a calling… like a trillion tendrils meeting at the union of his being and not so gently drawing him awake. A tug here, a pull there, a gigantic rolling whiplash that transcends time and space – not unlike divine intervention.

A bridge between worlds

Much like every home world in the universe, Xanca is no more or less connected to Bridgeworld than any other place. It is neither special nor permanent, as is all life that exists in a vacuum. However, the funny thing about vacuums is they are entirely devoid of matter – until they aren’t. And this moment is when things get interesting, weird or entirely confounded.

When your civilization cultivates a sophisticated yet isolating sense of appreciation for itself, it spends too long basking in its glory and forgets to continue the task of attaining it. But that is no concern, for it is from this world that some lucky souls will be delivered to Bridgeworld.

When you think about destinations and the description of their location, you think not that the journey itself may well be the destination. Bridgeworld is not a pin at the end of many lines of string, but the string itself. It does not exist within the universes, but between them. The ethereal threads that we run along like marionetes, they traverse and mingle through it.

We are all magical trees

What most do not know is that there are countless versions of ourselves echoing through the vastness of an eternal and expanding nothingness. Every significant soul creates split pathways with each new decision they take, unraveling into huge trees of life emanating from their first. They play out infinite possibilities, stress testing to the extremest gamuts of life. Each soul lives every reality in parallel, but each of their branches is a unique path. Every decisive action creates a fresh universe, a new ✭.

Sometimes, with the inevitable ending of a soul’s tree – instead of fading out to nothing – something magical happens. A new soul appears within Bridgeworld. One single Bridgeworld soul is an entanglement of nearly infinite lives from other universes, dense with experience and life. Unfortunately, the comprehension of so many lives would lead to a great deal of overload and malfunction. It is thus that these souls arrive at Bridgeworld with all their memories wiped. Although the mind cannot hold such volumes, the soul can, in fact it must, if it is to arrive.

Chaotic nature ensures that occasionally, tree branches mingle and blend. A soul tree destined for Bridgeworld must enter with almost every branch intact and mostly pure, without foul branch corruption. A perfect form is a highly sought after state to achieve, especially if you receive a rare foreign branch that dramatically amplifies your own tree.

As such, not many can enter Bridgeworld, or are even aware of the vastness of experience they endured to get there. However, like nature tends to do, there can be great events of mystical nature that draw unusual forces towards Bridgeworld. Once it is your time and you have traversed the path that cannot be ignored, you may remain in/enter into Bridgeworld.

Like the trees in Bridgeworld, the most worthy soul trees have the longest branches that run far through time and space, touching the most exotic edges of the magic realm.

The forest is deep and the world is wide. Discover your path.

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